Barrie Robotic Overlay Services

January 21, 2022

Barrie Robotic Overlay Services

If there was an option to increase the wear life of your equipment to move more material at a lower cost, would you take it?

There's no need to keep changing out high-wearing parts and creating additional downtime when you can use Raptor's robotic overlay products. We can customize patterns to best combat the wear of your products.

Keeping bucket excavator tips sharper longer helps penetration and reduces the strain on equipment and fuel consumption. Investing a bit more upfront often brings savings at the back end. The below pictures show some large mining teeth that will get a nice upgrade with Raptor overlay and some large mining heel savers ready to ship to one of our great customers.

For any inquiries about Raptor overlay solutions through the Barrie team, please reach out to or use the live chat.