Raptor products are designed and engineered to maximize equipment availability and increase productivity.
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Defender LWP

The Raptor Defender® product line is made up of highly versatile wear parts and are available in weld-on, bolt-on and magnetic configurations. A wear material hardness of 725bhn or 63Rc with a mild steel backing plate provides unmatched wear protection.

Further to the high wear line of Chrome White Iron Defender® LWP, Raptor has a line of Manganese LWP which is a work hardening product, perfect for high impact applications.

Chocky Bars
Chrome White Iron Wear Blocks
LWP Laminated Wear Parts

In-house manufacturing allows for a quick turnaround on all Defender® MAO products.

Cone Crusher Cap
Wear Buttons
Rope Shovel Heel Bands
Wear Stands

Raptor engineered and designed LWP stands for use at the crusher, in the bucket shop, or on the service truck. LWP where you need it and when you need it.

Predator M.A.O. G.E.T.

Predator® MAO (Made as Ordered) GET is available for any type of Dragline Bucket, LHEX/HMS Clam and/or ERS Dipper with Raptor robotically applied ARM, ProARM®, ARMPlus™ and/or PTA applied Tungsten Carbide Overlay.

Shovel Teeth

Tungsten Carbide ERS dipper tips.

Hydraulic Excavator Heel Shrouds
Dragline Tips

Construction & Dredging

Predator® MAO GET is not only for use in mining applications, but also available for those hard to find and custom construction and dredging GET jobs. Any profile, any geometry and for any machine, Raptor can G.E.T. it done.

Bucket Teeth
Dredge Parts
Grader Edges Serrated


RaptorPlate® is a high Chrome Carbide overlay plate used in the most extreme mining, power generation, material handling and construction wear environments in the world.

CC Plate


Even distribution of Primary Carbides


Low dilution with backing plate base material

Hardfacing Plate
Truck Box Carbide
Wear Kits
Shovel Wear Kit


.162, Mass Loss, ASTM G-65 Wear Abrasion Test


HarderPlate® is a quench and tempered steel flat plate that is available in both 400bhn and 500bhn hardness. Stocked sheet sizes are available in 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 10’ and available in .500”, .750” and 1.00” thicknesses, but not limited to. HarderPlate® and RaptorPlate® product lines are complimentary to one another and work perfectly together in those high impact and high wearing applications.

AR Plate
Q&T Plate

Strips of 400bhn HarderPlate® in between strips of RaptorPlate® in a 4100 series Dipper in hard rock mining.

Chute Hopper
HarderPlate TTT Blade


Magnetically attached MagnaButton™, MagnaBolt™, and MagnaBlock™, 725bhn/63Rc hardness wear parts. It’s the quick fix, no welding solution for your chute, hopper, pipe, etc., that will get you through to the next PM. SDS series magnets in a proprietary base are utilized in all MagnaWear® products for robust strength and hold.

Magnetic Wear Buttons
Magnabuttons Magnetic Buttons
Magnetic Wear Buttons
Magnawear Coal Hopper

MagnaButtons™ in a coal hopper application saving the hopper and keeping product moving until the next PM.

Rambo Tungsten Carbide Sidebars

Rambo™ SideBars are robotically applied Tungsten Carbide Overlay bars that can be used as a SideBar in multiple applications on ERS, HMS, Draglines, wheel loaders, LHEX and dozers. The advantage of Raptor Rambo™ Tungsten Carbide SideBars is to save weight and increase production with one simple product.

Tungsten Sidebar
PTA Sidebar
Rambo Sidebars HMS

PTA applied Tungsten Carbide Rambo™ SideBars on a 5500 series HMS.

Rambo Sidebars ERS
Rambo Wheel Loader Quarry
Rambo Plasma Transferred Arc
Rambo Tungsten Carbide Overlay Bars

PTA applied Tungsten Carbide Overlay RAMBO™ SideBars on ERS Dippers.

Dragline Parts

Cast or fabricated, Raptor’s selection of Dragline parts is immense and if it’s not on the shelf, we can laser scan a sample part or design it through our MAO process and get you the part you need.

Drag, hoist, dump chain and repair links to rope savers, trunnion links, rope sockets, pins and bushings, we have the right product available to you, specific to your operation available from any one of our CISC’s.

Dragline Parts
Hoist Chain

Fabricated chain, available for 8 – 42 Cu Yd Dragline buckets.

Dragline Chain
Drag Chain
Dragline Mao Bucket
Heel Blocks
Dragline Rigging

Whatever the rigging job, we have the products and resources to get you the part.


Raptor’s line of ERS (Electric Rope Shovel) parts covers a wide range of parts including LatchBars, LatchLevers, Tungsten Carbide LatchBar and Dutchman inserts, Manganese and Alloy Dutchmans/LatchKeepers and competitive crawler shoe, slider, tumbler and idler under carriage parts required to maximize equipment availability and increase productivity.

ERS Electric Rope Shovel
Laser Scanning Dipper

Laser scanning a ERS Dipper for RaptorPlate® and HarderPlate® liner kit.

Chocky Bars
Latch Lever
Dutchman Deflector

RaptorPlate® and Defender® LWP Raptor Dutchman Deflector.


Fixed Plant Parts

Raptor fixed plant parts, engineered, designed and manufactured for use in power generation, quarry, coal, iron ore, recycling, oil sands, gold, nickel and copper material handling operations.

Fixed Plants Parts
Cement Crusher

DDefender® LWP on a cement crusher.

Rolled Pipes Screens
Chute Hopper
RaptorPlate Rolled Pipes
Table Segments Chrome White Iron

1103 CE series table segments cast in Chrome White Iron material.

Made as Ordered (MAO)

Raptor’s MAO (Made as Ordered) products span the complete line of Raptor’s portfolio. Our in-house team of Raptor foundry casting design and mechanical engineers can design a product for most any mining, construction, quarry or power generation material handling project.

Made As Ordered Dragline Parts
MAO Edges

MAO products for ERS, HMS, LHEX, Drags, LWL, TTT and HEX equipment.

MAO Teeth
MAO Chrome White Iron

Buckets & Dippers

Buckets & Dippers by Raptor Mining. Custom engineered, designed and manufactured for your mine, construction or quarry specific operation. For use with Hydraulic Mining Shovel, Electric Rope Shovel or Large Hydraulic Excavator equipment.

Made As Ordered Dragline Parts
Buckets & Dippers
Buckets & Dippers