I Am Raptor

Raptor employees, behind the scenes and in the field supporting you, our valuable partner and customer.
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Big Dipper by Raptor

Look over here, it’s the Big Dipper by Raptor Mining.

CISC Continuous Improvement Service Centers
Rebuilt Radiators by Raptor

Radiators have big fans!

HMS Employee Training

Employee training, on site and getting dirty!

Heavy Duty Mechanical Services

Heavy duty mechanical services.

Raptor CMO On Site Inspection

Raptor CMO at the mine site in person.

Underground Mining Bucket Transportation

Underground mining buckets.


Employee Service Awards

Employee service awards!

Raptor Laser Scanning Heat Mapping

Laser scanning and heat mapping.

Moto Grater Moldboards

Motor grader Moldboards.

Raptor Management Team

Breakfast by the Raptor management team.

CMO Shaking Hands Greetings

Welcome to Raptor, says the Raptor CMO.