CISC Miami - Butter Bead Base Edge

March 21, 2022

CISC Miami - Butter Bead Base Edge

You can see a butter bead applied on a 992 base edge in the above picture. This edge is entirely North American sourced and machined and was crafted by our amazing team in Miami.

You can find this process in welding shops, mine sites, and construction sites. Any welder or robotic welding machine can apply butter beads to any style of base edge.

With minimal preheating, you can shorten the time taken to install a base edge by 30-50%. For example, AR material generally requires a preheat temperature between 250-350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can drop the temperature down as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit with the applied butter bead weld wire. This process allows for quick and easy fitment of projects and makes life easier for field workers who need to install the base edge in all weather conditions.

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